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L5 was produced and shot in Chicago, IL.

Imagine returning from an exhausting adventure only to find that your home is abandoned, empty. Not just your home, but your neighborhood, your city, in fact, everyone, everywhere, seems to be missing. This is what happens to the crew of the first manned mission to Barnard's Star - they return after awakening from suspended animation to find that their ship-board AI has sent them on a relativistic tour of the stellar neighborhood while they slumbered, dilating time so severely that nearly 200 years have passed on Earth. After coming to, they discover their vessel is adrift at LaGrange point 5, within visual range of a vast O'neill cylinder-colony. The night side of the Earth shows no lights, and no one answers their calls across all frequencies. They have no choice but to dock with the colony and explore its cavernous interior in the hopes of finding help. When they find the colony to be airless and devoid of life, the remains of human civilization baking in the Sun for decades, their predicament becomes even more dire. Following in the traditions of great legendary hard science fiction, their exploration of this relic of their own civilization will take them on a trans-humanistic and spiritual sojourn.

Format: Digital
Running Time: Approx. 25min
Producers: Tom Ptasinski, Adam Nelson, Nick Erickson
Director:  Stanley Von Medvey
Director of Photography: Kevin Moss
Production Designer: Chad Burns
Editor: Nick Erickson, Allen Chodakowski

Night of the Living Trekkies: Book Trailer

2011 Silver Telly Award
2011 Official Webby Awards Honoree
2011 Bronze OC Addy Award
2011 Best Star Overall Trek Viral Video (trekmovie.com)
2011 Gold Addy and Best-of-Show Interactive
(American Advertising Federation of Jackson)

This is a promo trailer for a book from Quirk Publications. Below is a description of the book from the publishers website: 

This sci-fi/zombie/comedy/adventure follows a group of rag-tag Trekkies getting together for the fifth annual GulfCon (billed as the “largest Starfleet Convention in the western Gulf Coast region”). Our heroes are dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers-but soon find themselves defending their hotel and convention center against hordes of flesh-eating undead. Suddenly, all of their useless knowledge about particle physics and old Star Trek episodes has genuine real-world applications! And while hotel employees and regular civilians are dying left and right, our Trekkies summon strength and courage by emulating their favorite starship-voyaging characters.

Packed with hundreds of gags referencing Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, and fan conventions,Night of theLiving Trekkies reads like the strange lovechild of Galaxy Quest and Dawn of the Dead. Journey to the final frontier of zombie science-fiction satire!
Boldly go where no science-fiction mash-up has gone before!

Night of the Living Trekkies is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and wherever books are sold.

Format: Red
Producer: Adam Nelson, Rick Moore
Director: Justin Lutsky
Director of Photography: Tashi Trieu 
Production Designer: Brooke Walter

Palm County

Martin Avila has been working to disrupt drug trade in Palm County. Disgusted by the nature of his profession he quits his job and continues a simple life with his beloved. When his violent past catches up with him the ability to control his own life is put at risk.

Watch Palm County here: http://www.vimeo.com/15615247

Format: Super 16mm
Running Time: 18min
Producer: Adam Nelson
Director: Nick Erickson
Director of Photography: Allen Liu
Production Designer: Alec Contestabile
Editor: Eddie Mikasa
Sound Designer: Cody Peterson 

Feel Free

Commercial for Chapman University's "Feel Free" campaign in the National Student Advertising Competition.  Client, State Farm.  Chapman University was awarded First Place in the nationwide competition in Orlando, Florida, June 2010. 

Format: Red
Producer: Adam Nelson, Ariel Fisher, Matt Jekowsky 
Director: Nick Erickson
Director of Photography: Nate Carrington
Production Designer: Anna Duffy, Lexi Vanni

No Neutral Ground

In October of 2001, the United States entered Afghanistan in search of those who harbored terrorists. For two American snipers, Scott Sorensen and Aaron Gilmore, defending their country is what they trained for. When their mission doesn't go as planned, the two snipers begin to experience things no man can train for. Brutality, the lack of neutrality, and life-and-death situations cause the men to forget their morals, and become entirely different human beings. In this conflict, there can be no neutral ground, and all one can do is reflect.

Format: Super 16mm
Running Time: 12min
Producer: Adam Nelson
Director: Nick Erickson
Director of Photography: Yuki Noguchi
Production Designer: Joe Burns
Editor: Rob McClelland
Sound Designer: Cody Peterson

The Archangel

The earliest days in the Kingdom of Heaven set the scene for this dramatic tale. The archangel Barachiel is faithful to his two brothers, the archangels Lucifer and Michael. However, an Oracle
presents a foreboding prophecy: a day will come when one of the angels falls to temptation, and his greed for power will threaten the Kingdom.

Format: Super 35mm
Running Time: 21min
Producer: Adam Nelson
Director: Melissa Fisher
Director of Photography: Tashi Trieu
Production Designer: Traci Hays
Editor: Amy Schwartz
Sound Designer: Chad Tomlinson

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